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First time set up

Go the to address provided in your welcome email and use the login information that is also provided in the same email.

Select your server from the server menu, if you have more than 1 server they will all be listed.

The first time you login you will need to install the game server as the writing in red represents. Simply click the install/update via steam

This is a very long process so be patient!

Once completed you will be able to edit the settings of the server.

If you need to edit any configs or files you can do that via the file mananger tab.

When you're ready hit the start server button.

Please note this can take time. This is due to Ark's server protocal. Sometimes up to 40 times to retry. Normally about 2-3 minutes to show up on the game.

Seeing the error in the picture below is normal.

Repeat step one, if everything is good you should see a greenlight on the panel! Now get out there and pwn some dinos!

Of course if you have any problems please let us know.

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